I’m a big advocate for plant protein and a firm believer that a plant-based diet is the best way to feed your body. But there’s a huge negative perception of vegans and plant-based living, and this creates a large barrier for getting people to eat less meat. I wanted to design and develop a booklet that makes plant-based protein more approachable and appealing. But how to tackle this when there’s such a negative stereotype that vegans only eat grass? Well, that got me thinking about the other extreme: the manly man – probably a dad – carefully grilling his meat, drinking a beer and licking his lips in anticipation. And from there, the idea for Not Your Dad’s Protein sprouted in my head.
This booklet plays heavily off of dad jokes and humor, giving the content a lighthearted and approachable feel. I found the illustrations on Envato elements, and the copy itself I found in an article written by Sarah Chodosh (check out her piece here!). Check out some initial sketches for the cover badge below.
Pulling all of the elements together was so much fun; the hand drawn illustrations give the piece a rustic vibe, and the creme and currant colors really channel your dad’s favorite barbecue sauce, don’t you think?
Overall, I’m extremely happy with how this piece turned out. It’s informational, funny, and beautiful to look at. And I hope it makes you hungry – for something other than meat.
I'm proud to say this piece won 2nd place in the AEJMC Southeast Colloquium Creative Contest in 2021. See all the incredible entries here.
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