Hey there! 
I'm Rachel, currently based in New York. I like to flex my creative muscles and design things for good people – namely, people who care about other people and our planet. Design is not just about making pretty stuff. It's about helping others, creating culture, and making meaningful change. I call myself a climate designer because it's my goal to design for a better planet tomorrow – and I hope if you're on my site, you might be looking to do the same.
I'm more than just a designer, however. I read. I sing in the shower. I love podcasts (some of my favorites include Creative Pep Talk, How To Save A Planet, and Vox's Unexplainable). I'm a good listener. I'm a Birkenstock-wearer. I'm a tree hugger. I'm a feminist and a friend, a sister and a daughter, and often a goofball who sometimes doesn't know when to stop being a goofball.
You'll usually find me trying the latest on tap at my local brewery, or taking the neighbors' dogs for a stroll as the proud Neighborhood Dog Walker.
I'm currently open for freelance gigs. Think we might be a good fit together? Drop me a line and let's chat.
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